I had photographed Frank Gurney, engraver, while a student in photography school. Forty years later he surfaced again in a different community nearby as the person selected to engrave replicas of the Grey Cup, for the Canadian Football League.

I compiled a mock up for the book from my old negatives. I visited Frank and he helped me sort out and identify the photographs. I added some new photographs to the collection on what was, within a few days, 40 years later.

Frank worked as an independent engraver for most of his life. He engraved objects, semi precious stone, precious metals, medals, rings and what I photographed him doing, engraving rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Forty years ago, I worked with a 4x5 view camera and a set of home made tungsten lights. In 2009, I used a digital camera and multiple speedlights. Frank retired within days of my taking the color photographs.

The images in book form are available from Amazon and Blurb.com.