Island Illustrators in their studios.

2011 was the 25th anniversary of the Island Illustrators Society. I have an interest in the small social units that form our society. I think of social units in a mechanical context, as cogs and wheels that help the machinery of society as a whole to function, inter-connect and relate.

The 25th anniversary provided an opportunity to photograph current and former Island Illustrator members in their studios. The purpose, to document this social unit, in its present context, and from its foundations in the past. In all, 68 illustrators were photographed.

I produced a book of the images, with small biographies of each member. Also included was a listing of all past and current Full Members and Associate members. There is second listing of all the Guest Speakers.

Publication of the first 2 versions, was in October, 2011. The principle edition was a limited number of 8 1/2 by 11 wide soft cover books. A smaller version was also produced and is available from Amazon.

Subsequently a hard cover version, 8x10 wide, was produced and is available from