Laputa, as a place, was introduced to the world by Jonathan Swift in Gulliver's Travels.

Laputa, as a place to live, came into my life in 1974 when I returned to the University of Alberta, Edmonton, as a student. It was one of twelve residential houses operated by Campus Co-Op, a non profit housing society.

I used as image sources the newspaper and magazines that crossed my day to day existence. I looked on them as being my environment. They seemed more relevant than landscape or cityscape.

Also used as a source in the hard edge paintings were drawings created through a computer process. These have been referenced in another book, The Amdahl Graphics ... 1974 ... 1975 ... 1976.

The airbrush paintings evolved as a means to explore mixing paint on canvas while in the process of drawing/painting. I restricted myself to yellow, magenta, cyan and white pigments.

The 'Metallics were yet another exploration of alternatives in the painting world. The metallics and diluted acrylics were applied using an airless electric spray gun. My biggest issue in this period was discovering a means to paint acrylics applied on a metallic ground.

In the beginning of this phase I suffered many disappointments as I pulled images off the canvas while removing masking tape. This problem was eventually resolved, but only after a many discarded canvases.

The work with metallics then led to using paints from the industrial arena. The imagery here evolved into abstraction, and will be developed as a separate book.