As a student in 1974, in response to a challenge from an instructor, I devised a means of comparing multiple variables with a graphic image.

I was fortunate to find a former Engineering student, now studying in Fine Arts to write a program that ran on the Amdahl main frame computer at the University of Alberta. In due course the project developed a life of its own, divorced from course requirements. This period is represented by the first half of the book.

The second half, figurative drawings, arose from the loss of a photograph in a University sponsored exhibition. I choose reimbursement through computer dollars and explored the use of a large scale digitizing tablet. I would submit pencil drawings to the computing area. Someone would trace them with the digitizer and produce a pen and ink drawing on paper via a plotter.

I subsequently used the drawings as the basis for a series of paintings.The drawings have been collected in book form and are available from Amazon and